Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Public Library Funding & Technology Access Study Resources

To:       State Library Directors
            State Data Coordinators
            State Chapter Directors

From:  John Carlo Bertot (Information Policy & Access Center, University of Maryland)
            Judy Hoffman (American Library Association)

Date:   February 24, 2012

The slow economic recovery continues to impact state budgets in general, and library budgets in particular. The Public Library Funding & Technology Access Study team is well aware of the need for data that will help public libraries expand and strengthen their advocacy efforts during this critical time. In response to your feedback, the team has once again created an advocacy package for use during the current legislative sessions. The package contains the newest data available, gathered from the November 2011 survey responses

Following are the new resources:

Color graphics comparing your state vs. national, using new 2011-2012 study data)
    • Public Libraries & Employment
    • Public Libraries & E-Government
  • *Coming Soon* State Profiles: Selected 2011-2012 study data comparing national and state levels (e.g., speed of connectivity, average # of workstations) as well as other state-level resources. *ETA April 1*

The topic handouts and state profiles can also be accessed through the Information Policy & Access Center at http://www.plinternetsurvey.org (make selection in “Your State” graphic).The new data presented here are based on preliminary analysis and there may be some changes to the figures reported when the final report is issued in June 2012.

The new press release and op-ed templates have been crafted with the focus on the crucial role public libraries play as strategic technology partners for digital literacy and local economic development. The templates can easily be customized for media targets at the state, regional, and local levels. We would appreciate knowing if you have success getting media placement or how these materials are being used in your advocacy efforts.

We hope you find these new resources useful, and know that more survey data will be available later this spring. ALA will present more of the preliminary survey results to the national media during National Library Week (April 8-14), and the full report will be released at the end of June.

Note: 2011-2012 survey state level data are only available for states with sufficient survey response rates. Not included: Connecticut and Oregon.

If you have any questions or feedback regarding the PR templates, please contact Judy Hoffman, 312-280-4291, jhoffman@ala.org. For assistance regarding the State data, contact the Information Policy & Access Center at 301-405-9445 or support@ipac.umd.edu.

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